Trainings Departments

Training Courses:

Preparation of Training Packages – PTP Course Details 

VIP- Oil & Gas Management Course Details 

Petroleum project economics and risk management Details 

Essential project management skills Details 

Contracts strategy and management Details 

International oil and gas exploitation contracts Details 

Negotiation skills for the oil and gas industry

First-time leadership and supervision

International business communication skills

Secretarial & Office Management Course

Oil & Gas Industry Course (Taxation; Customs)

Mastering finance for non-financial oil and gas personnel

Exploration and production accounting - Level 1

Exploration and production accounting - Level 2

Exploration and production accounting - Level 3

Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry

Auditing in the exploration and production industry

Long-Term Electrical / Electronic Engineering Course (HND)

Long-Term Mechanical Engineering Course

Long-Term Communication Engineering Course

Another training departments:

Course for Police and Military training

Special Forces training
International Water Law


General managment and leadership


English Germna


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